Treasury Management

Wells Fargo provides a wide-array of products and services to meet your treasury operations needs in Canada. Manage all of your North American treasury operations through a single banking relationship, increasing your visibility and control of your accounts and liquidity.

Canadian Services
Make over-the-counter deposits through a vast branch network of over 1200 locations through our network providers.

Canadian Dollar Checking Account
Conduct business in Canadian dollars easily and efficiently. Through this convenient service, your treasury team can improve control over Canadian dollar cash flows and can minimize costly foreign exchange conversions.

Canadian Wholesale Lockbox
Just as Wells Fargo can streamline your U.S. transactions through its extensive domestic lockbox network, we can accelerate your Canadian collections and convert payments into cash efficiently. With a Canadian Wholesale Lockbox, you can cut mail and processing float by up to a week compared to processing from the U.S., thereby enhancing your company’s cash and investment positions. Lockbox reports and images are available online or by data and image file transmission.

Multi-currency Account
If you need to receive electronic payments (Wire Transfer/LVTS) in Canadian dollars, but don’t need local account services, opening a Wells Fargo Canadian dollar Multi-Currency Account (MCA) allows you to accumulate and disburse CAD without having to convert to USD. CAD MCAs are used in conjunction with Canadian Checking Accounts.

WellsOne® Commercial Card (CAD)
The CAD commercial card is designed to link to your program in the U.S., so you don’t have to handle a separate card program for locations in Canada. This allows your company to leverage one issuer, one account manager, one service center, and one reporting tool accessed through a single sign-on on the CEO® Portal.

Other services in Canada include:

  • Foreign exchange
  • Canadian cash vault
  • Canadian positive pay and reconciliation services
  • Canadian online tax payments
  • International ACH Origination (CAD and USD) to Canada
  • Payment Manager (Wire Transfer, International ACH, Check services) to Canada CAD Merchant Services
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